Postal History by State

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Below you will find a list of Postal History by State. At present time there are 38 States and Dakota Territory. Now there are also lists of Doane Cancels for each state where there are a sufficent number to do so. If you are interested in Doane Cancels only click on the "Doanes Cancels Only" after each state to view the list of Doanes that are on each State list. There are also a few Doanes on each of the State lists that do not have a seperate list of Doanes for that State. Scans have been added for all better items. To view just click "Photo".

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California          Califorina Doanes Cancels Only

California Postal History by County

Colorado          Colorado Doanes Cancels Only



Illinois            Illinois Doane Cancels Only

Indiana          Indiana Doanes Cancels Only

Iowa          Iowa Doane Cancels Only

Kansas        Kansas Doane Cancels Only

Maine          Maine Doane Cancels Only 

Massachusetts    Massachusetts Doane Cancels Only

Michigan          Michigan Doane Cancels Only


Missouri          Missouri Doane Cancels Only



New Hampshire          New Hampshire Doane Cancels Only         

New Mexico

New York         New York Doane Cancels Only

North Carolina

North Dakota Territorials

North Dakota          North Dakota Doane Cancels Only

Ohio          Ohio Doane Cancels Only


Oregon          Oregon Doane Cancels Only

Pennsylvania          Pennsylvania Doane Cancels Only

Rhode Island

South Dakota Territorials

South Dakota          South Dakota Doane Cancels Only



Vermont          Vermont Doane Cancels Only

Virginia           Virginia Doane Cancels Only

Washington          Washington Doane Cancels Only

West Virginia          West Virginia Doane Cancels Only

Wisconsin             Wisconsin Doane Cancels Only


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